Ways To Save On Your Heating Bill

For those of you that live in the wonderful area of Australia, where the kangaroos run free, you are in luck. In case you have not heard, the Australian Government has set aside 3. 9 billion dollars that will be going to what is called insulation rebate. What is this rebate all about? Well, we are going to give you all of this news as we write the article. Basically, it has been estimated that 2. 2 million homes in Australia do not have any roof or ceiling insulation. They are providing up to 1, 600 dollars to households in order to have their homes insulated. So far, this sounds fair, correct?

Do you have an older home with high ceilings? You may wish to extend the ceiling and add light at the same time. This also greatly improves your ceiling insulation products. It will mean much lower heating and cooling bills. The extended ceiling panels attach to framework. Leave some areas open for light fixtures. They are lined with clear or opaque panels. It involves a lot of work. However, it will look good and give you much more light. It might eventually pay for itself with energy savings.

SIGN UP FOR HEAP. If your state offers HEAP benefits, you can save a lot of money on heating costs. HEAP, or Home Energy Assistance Program, will grant you a voucher for heating costs. Not everyone will be able to get HEAP benefits and only those who make a certain amount (usually below the poverty line) will be able to benefit. HEAP offers a one time payment and 2 emergency payments. They also offer hot water heater replacements as well as air conditioning benefits in the summer. Contact your local Social Services Department for more information about HEAP.

It’s worth remembering that some types of popcorn ceiling material did contain asbestos. When patching and painting a popcorn ceiling, remember to wear a respirator, goggles, and to cover all exposed skin. A painters cap will also help protect your hair from the misting paint.

Walk around the outside of your home and look at the seal around all windows and doors. Using acrylic latex caulk to seal all openings can stop warm and cold air from escaping from the home and stop you from paying to try to heat or cool the outside. If you live in an older weatherboard home, make sure the joins are sound and properly sealed. It will make all the difference.

Table Explanatory Information – Note 4 of the explanatory information has been simplified to a tabular example demonstrating the relationship of ventilation opening area and the presence of ceiling fans.

In summary, make sure you circulate the air in the crawlspace. Remove current moisture through dehumidification. Locate the sources of any moisture and seal them, or prevent them from recurring in the future. You will save yourself thousands of dollars and headaches.