My Green Energy Plan For My Family Home

The benefits of foam roof insulation are countless. The insulation material used is created from polyurethane foam. It is applied in liquid form and dries up to create a single film lining that covers the entire roof. This creates a seam free area, which is ideal because this is normally the source and reason for most leaks in roofs. It is actually safe to apply the foam directly to the roof. There is no reason to worry. The foam can actually be applied to just about any chosen surface and it easily molds into irregularly shaped roofs and overhangs.

Foam roof insulation is worry free work that is able to withstand winds up to two hundred and fifty miles per hour. This means that not even hurricane force winds are able to destroy foam roof insulation johannesburg work.

I also liked the “Green” toilet, it had a second water storage tank. The second water tank was drawing water from the sink waste. The system was automatic. This is important, as my kids are lazy, any effort needed from them was a no go from day one.

Cleaning Air Filters: If you have air heaters it’s better to clean the filters very often because, just like your air conditioners, your air heater filters dirt and dust. Although they don’t collect all the dust particles, when they do they might not function effectively. These particles can clog the heating system and prevent proper airflow. You might need to replace your home air filters as well especially if your home is dusty it will need regular maintenance or replacement. Generally, most filters need maintenance every 30-90 days.

The soffit vents take air in; the ridge vents let air out. This constant movement of fresh air traveling from the bottom of the roof to the top of the roof is the key to successful roof ventilation. It keeps the temperature just where it needs to be. The perfect ratio of 50/50 intake and exhaust.

When moving towards improving your home remember the small things like doors. A cheap improvement that can increase your home value a great deal is six panel doors. They create an executive look and make your living space look larger than it really is. It is hard to believe such a small change can make such a big difference, but it really can.

UPVC can be shaped and sawn just as easily as the old style wood cladding, and is available in a variety of styles and different finishes. Pound for pound, it is far cheaper than wood and can be installed far more simply, which also keeps labour costs down. And, because of its longevity, UPVC cladding is far more environmentally friendly than traditional wood cladding.