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Humans have a horizontal viewing angle of almost 180 degrees, and vertical viewing angle of around 135 degrees. Cameras, particularly smartphone cameras, can only take photos within a much smaller viewing angle, typically 50-70 degrees horizontally and 40-60 degrees vertically. That is part of the reason why photographers turn to larger lens, larger photo sensors and careful compositions. Nevertheless, you may still often feel your photos do not reflect what you see.

Moreover, human vision is a much more complex process than simple shootings. When we "see", we change our gestures, alter viewing angles, move eyeballs, constantly adjust pupil size and focus, etc. By doing so, one gets a comprehensive view far beyond a collection of photo shoots can reflect.

Hyvaview technology and product aims to provide realistic photo capturing and viewing experiences closer to human perceptions. Using Hyvaview Camera, you can take multiple photo shoots and instantly generates a "big picture". You do not have to worry about shooting angles and compositions any more. A "big picture" is naturally a faithful reproduction of what you see. You will be amazed by how real and beautiful it looks.

For those who love selfies, Hyvaview Camera lets you put more than just your face into selfies. Your friend can see a much grander scene behind you, which was not possible before.

With Hyvaview Scope app, you can view "big pictures" in a 3D interactive way.

Even better, with Hyvaview, you can share your "big pictures" on web with anyone, no matter whether s/he uses a PC, a Mac, a phone or a tablet. No need to install any app or plug-in. For sharing vivid 3D big pictures, check out Technologies: Sharing .

Of course, you can always share "big pictures" as common photos to your favorite sites, like Facebook, Tweeter, Tumblr, Wechat and more.

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